Computer freezes when I install virtual drive software



I tried to install Alcohol (any Alcohol) and when it comes to that creating image drive or something everything freezes. Sometimes even in safe mode. Could someone explain, please? This happens when I try with Nero Image drive or Daemon or any software which should create virtual drive. Please, help me!
I am using Windows XP Pro SP2. Thank you.


Please email me a complete system report from within Alcohol to You may have to grab this in Safe Mode if it always freezes when you boot up normally.


But I uninstalled it. As I already said, sometime it freezes even in safe mode. Last time I installed the latest version of Alcohol 52 Free and it did that again. I am not saying that it is just Alcohol. It is Nero image drive, daemon tools, …
One thing I know it happens just when I install that kind of software and when it tries to make a virtual drive. Thank you.