Computer Freezes When DVD Media is Inserted

Lately I’ve been having a problem with my DVD burner and windows XP freezing. Sometimes when I insert media into the drive the computer freezes and I have to shut it off to get it to unfreeze. It doesn’t seem to matter which type. My burner is a a LG 4082B, I use to have a LG4040B and it did the same thing. My burning software is Nero 6 Ultra Edition burning Suite. I’ve updated the firmware and the Nero software, neither of which helped. Any ideas to the cause of this problem and how it solve. Any help is appreciated.

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In Windows Explorer, right click on the DVD drive and go to properties. Then choose the AutoPlay tab. See what actions are assigned to each file type and what applications are being used with certain file types. Maybe you have a corrup install of you DVD playing software.