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I downloaded a trial version of plat. On some movies when it is burning my computer freezes and I have to reset my computer . Also when I want more the one copy the burn again option always freezes my computer. I like to purchase this program if these bug can be fixed becuase otherwise this program works very well. Mark


My computer does not freeze but runs very slow after copying some discs. Try ejecting the disc you were copying from the DVD reader. This sometimes speeds things
up for me.


Hi Mark 1029,
Is the freeze during the burn process or during the finalizing stage? A lot of people have a freezing problem during the finalizing stage of the burn process which I believe is do to certain DVD drives. If it is during the finalizing it usually occurs around the 68% completion point. If so just don’t do anything at all when it freezes and in 10 to 15 minutes it should finish on it’s own and eject the disc. It does the same thing with my internal drive of my PC, but not on my new external drive. On the new drive it only freezes for a few seconds.


No, my computer completly freezes. I can’t move the curser and it won’t respond to keyboard commands. I have to reset to reboot.


How much ram do you have?
How many things do you have running in the background?
Do you have dma enabled?
Is your HD in order ( defrag regularly )?

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Please try new Beta to see the result:

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I have 512of ram, I do defrag regularly(the last one was two days ago) everything I can turn off is turned off. dma?


I know Mark, I have the exact same problems. The disc won’t eject, you can’t close the program, nothing works. Please try as I suggested an just leave everything alone for 10 to 15 minutes and it will finish. It’s a great program and maybe it is a bug but its been this way for me for at least 3 months, ever since my trial version. Please just try it and prove me right. Other people have had this problem in the past and thanked me for the help.


Excuse me Mark, I was in bed when I remembered one time I had a freeze up during a burn and not during the finalization. I believe it was with the 3051beta version. that time the cursor also wouldn’t respond, Had to shut down manually and took 3 trys to get the PC to reboot. My suggestion is good for a finalization freeze only. There the cursor does move but won’t work when you click on anything anywhere on the desktop. If your freeze is during the burn and not a finalizing problem, try a different version of Fab.
This is a great software program so don’t let this glitch turn you off.


Here is how you check dma mode, you do not want pio mode.

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I downloaded the latest version of dvdfab and enabled the dma on both my dvd drives. Everything seems to be working well at this point. I like to thank all that helped with the bugs. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH MARK