Computer Freeze


Not only with DVD Fab but DVD Decryptor as well.

I was introduced to DVD Fab today, August 25, 2006 and had DVD Decryptor a year ago.
A year ago, DVD Decryptor worked fine (just couldn’t get any DVD +/- (made by Sony) to work in the Sony +/- R standalone player.)

…Has Microsoft gone and done something “unnoticed” recently?
…Like official release detection?

I’ve tried Blackmores Night “Castles & Dreams” and it is region free.
Journey Escape 1981

Both software titles, DVDFab and DVD Decryptor has frozen the computer.

…Awhile back I started using CyberLinks DVD Player 3.0 and that checked the compatability of the DVD Burner (Lite On).

The Lite On burner is up to date.

Between this year and last 2 things.
The computer was stored away, I had no internet access 4 houses away from where I am now.
The hardrive, was formatted completly.

…any ideas?

BTW, any yahoogroup email groups about cdfreaks or DVD decryption-transfer-burning as well as how to get it all to play in a standalone DVD player?



So this is a new Win install, fresh and everything? I have only been able to get freeze ups when there was a hardware problem. You could start with memtest86+ and see ho the RAM is doing. Also try a different IDE cable (not USB is it) and put things on a different IDE port, with the drive on its own.


Been there, done all that…(on that end) up to spec etc.
Not USB at all sir, same IDE too…
For that matter, same Hardrive, Western Digital 60 Gig.

*While updating Computer #2 (not this one) I found that the Windows Update did something with DRM content management, a update.
…Just wondering, if that has peered into the DVD drive and DVD’s.
…Again, Microsoft has implemented the Geniune Advantage, to “authenticate” your/mine version of Windows to know it is “legit”…
Add that up and…

Still freezeeee

I can get my computer to freeze if I push a lot of optical drive commands to too many drives at the same time. As well, if a drive has trouble in the middle of a read process and won’t end, it freezes. The next step would be to try a different optical drive on the assumption the Liteon has problems.

None of the Windows updates will cause this problem.