Computer freeze when burning video content

About 6 months ago I started to download video clips from Youtube and transfer them to DVD through RealPlayer. Once in a while however, I would get a video clip that would freeze my computer as soon as I hit the “Burn Video” button. I could deal with it then but now for every 10 clips more than half of them freeze the computer. My only recourse when this happens is to manually shut the computer down and start over.

My comuter is not the cause as the same thing happens when I try it from another computer. I don’t believe it is a copyright issue because videos that have that distinction are removed from Youtube. I’m hoping that RealPlayer is just not up to speed on all video types but I need to find out if that’s the case and which software will allow trouble free burning of all Youtube content.

Sounds like a problem with your downloading the video. Did you try to play them when you downloaded them first? Also what broswer are you using? I also don’t like real player as it hasn’t lived up to my standards and doesn’t play well for me. Also what kinda burner and media are you using? Sounds like alot of things could’ve gone wrong from the download to burning to the media. But without any specifics were shooting in the dark… so what we need is the burner, burned speed, media, video saved format, browser…

Welcome to the forum, can you give us some info about your computer specs. like RAM, processor etc.

I can play the content on my computer. The trouble is relegated to the transfer process to DVD only. If possible it would be great if someone could attempt to burn to DVD one of these clips that I’ve had trouble with. Here are two examples. One that I can successfully burn and one that fails.

From YouTube

  1. Unsuccessful burn
    Grace Slick-Dreams

  2. Successful burn

There are no obvious differences between the video clips. RealPlayer has a Library format of content that the user has saved. The content is displayed as a square icon showing a picture of something in the video. What’s interesting is that the videos that will burn successfully have a picture. Those that ultimately will not burn, the icons are in grey with a film strip shown in the middle of the square.

Well if you have the actual files use this app to get the technical details then compare the two. Use the 'Tree" or ‘Text’ view.


[I]Format : Flash Video
File size : 4.73 MiB
Duration : 1mn 54s
Overall bit rate : 347 Kbps
Tagging application : Yet Another Metadata Injector for FLV - Version 1.4

Format : VP6
Duration : 1mn 54s
Bit rate : 300 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 576 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 5/4
Frame rate : 24.997 fps
Standard : PAL
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.029
Stream size : 4.21 MiB (89%)[/I]