Computer freeze during encoding


i have just started ripping and decoding dvd’s, and i had my computer freezing at various stages during encoding, it didnt matter what software i used the same thing happened.

after reading may of the posts here about this issue, i fiddled around with all sorts, till i read an article on pci issues.

my soundcard is standard vibra 128, but i also have an onboard sound card, so in desperation i removed the vibra and tried using just the onboard, to my surprise it now do not lock up at all.

computer spec

intel pent 2.4 gig
512 ddr ram
geforce 4 vid card
via motherboard
windows xp pro

could this be the problem with most computer lockups, or have i just hidden the problem.

hoping to hear any ideas


Encoding a DVD puts a heavy load on your cpu which can cause it to overheat after a short while. I experienced this problem on my system. Check your cpu temp with Motherboard Monitor or some other temperature sensing software. If its overheating try opening up your case to let some more airflow in or buy a better cpu fan. More case fans wouldn’t hurt either.

Try refitting your Sound card in another PCI slot … this sometimes works, when a card is causing problems.

One thing to not overlook, since you have a VIA chipset motherboard, vist and get the latest hyperion drivers. Up to date system really helps.