Computer DVD will play Kenwood Player will not



Hi Guys,

:bow: I bow to your wisdom and am probably doing something stupid to cause this to happen. I have burned two DVDs with my new LG gsa H22n Super-Multi - DVD+RW DVD-RAM drive. The disks run beutifully on my emachines PC but just spin and spin in my Kenwood DVD player.

Is my problem media or write speed or something totally different?



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Most of times, playback problems are due to a bad burned media, and most of times this is due to a low quality disc.

What discs are you using? At what speed did you burn? Do you have an updated firmware?

Moreover, to improve compatibility with standalones, often is useful to set booktype of +R media as ROM.


I’m running a 16x DVD - R disc from Memorex and burned at that speed (at least that what the settings said).

As far as the firmware is concerned it’s running straight out the box (just bought it Saturday) so whatever was packaged with it on the driver CD.

Both DVD drives in the PC can playback fine. I didn’t see any way to alter the speed or booktype in Nero 7.


Sorry - gave you the wrong model number for the LG burner its a GSA_H42L. :doh:

Updated firmware to 4.0 this morning.

Running Memorex DVD+R RW 16x 4.7 GB media.

Nero 7 is version

I haven’t reattempted burn with the new firmware (had to scamper off to work) :frowning:


(I have a feeling the DVD+R RW media is my problem… the Kenwood prob needs DVD-R! and that’s why the PC has no problem running the dvd)


Memorex media are not the very best quality discs. I suggest to buy better discs like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

Alternatively, try to burn the Memorex media at a slower speed, 12x or 8x. It should be possible to get better results :slight_smile:


Thanks Geno, since this burner has inscribe capability I will prob go verbatim.

I am hoping to produce a few dozen copies of a short (8 minute) DVD ministry presentation using an already prepared PowerPoint for our local prison ministry. We would like for contributors and churches to be able to run it on a home player.

I have been pretty frustrated with the conversion software I have found out there - it all makes a muddy, jumpy, grungy mess! Even the most expensive options. I was hoping Pinnacle Studio 10 would work when I heard that PPT could generate slides as Jpegs… then I saw the grainy quality of the default powerpoint output! Cheez!

Any ideas?


Sorry :o

I don’t know how to do such conversions :frowning:

Maybe you can use some softwares like Cam Studio to record as AVI file what you do on your desktop. Maybe this can produce a better quality presentation :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll try it out (nothing to lose and possibly lot’s to gain!)


:eek: Hi Geno,

I’ve got a new problem. Since I downloaded and installed the firmware update my display has had problems with spontaneously squeezing in from the sides and flickering from time to time especially just after start up (although it once also happened in the bootup pre windows environment as well. It doesn’t effect the function of windows XP but it is irritating.

It could be just a coincidence, but it seems odd that it happened just after I put the LG DVD drive in and installed the drivers Pinnacle Studio 10 and Nero 7 and the LG F/W.

I downloaded and reinstalled the video driver for NVida… that didn’t help, and I uninstalled Pinnacle Studio 10. Should I roll back the LG F/W update somehow or is this maybe a hardware problem like dust on the motherboard from the drive installation?



Burner firmware have no influence on monitor nor on video card performance. I think that it’s just a coincidence or something went messed up in drivers or codecs.

As you already tried to re-install nvidia drivers, maybe you can consider a fresh installation of windows as a definitive cure for the problem.

However, before to try a fresh install, maybe it is worth to check if the monitor is correctly working. Can you try to install the monitor on a different computer? If you still have the same problem, then a faulty monitor could be the cause of your problem :frowning:


I really hate the idea of a windows reinstall. I have a number of programs that would require reinstall and updates (Office 2003, service packs, etc…) as well if I did that. :sad:

I will borrow a different monitor and see if the problem is fixed by the changeout. If it is the monitor, I know Tiger Direct, Best Buy, and Circuit City, still like my plastic!! :iagree:

If not, I’ll probably choke back and do the reinstall of XP. :frowning:


Well Geno,

It was indeed the monitor that went bad… Pretty weird how it was at the same time as the other stuff. I’m probably going to buy one off Tiger Direct. They seem to have the best prices on LCD screens.