Computer DVD drive maker CenDyne to shut offices



I just posted the article Computer DVD drive maker CenDyne to shut offices.

StrongBad lets us know that according to this
article (you need to register to be able to read it) computer DVD drive maker
CenDyne has to shut its offices after a
judge ordered the…

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Oh well, and they made (sorry rebadged) such great drives… another one bites the dust:c:c


Who cares? CenDyne drives suck ass!:X


And your opinion is based on what? Cendyne is a known rebagder, sayting their drives suck, could be saying Lite-On or Asus drives suck…


i love my CenDye…errr… Pioneer A05 drive !!!


Thats what happens when you try to play w/ the big boys. You win BIG but you definately will LOSE big. Another words fly under the radar :stuck_out_tongue: