Computer dropping out

does anyone think that converting from dvd to avi has adverse effects on the computer, thereby causing problems in the future? my laptop and pc both switch off after an hour or 2 during conversion.

now i am forced to use my laptop to convert as when it switches off i can power it back up and restart the converting where it stopped(the same as using it with battery and the battery ran out) if i use my pc it will just reboot losing all the information.

my laptop is just a celeron but my pc is 3500amd, 1g ram, 1000fsb. granted it has a stock fan(although it doesn’t seem to get overly hot) i would assume it should be able to handle it.

does anyone else have these same problems??? :confused:

are you overclocking ? if so - back off the timimgs

what’s the PSU - make/model and specs in Amps per rail (12v, +5v, +3.3v)

run memtest86 on the RAM - make sure she’s a nice and stable :wink:

start | run EVENTVWR to see any messages that may (or may not) help tracking down what happened

no i’m not overclocking…

also i laptop is stock standard…

sorry for asking but what is PSU???
where can i find the amp rating?

also the tests that you advised to run…what would i be look for as possible problems?

cheers for getting back to me

@ esqdan,

PSU = Power Supply Unit

The below is a download link for Lavalys EVEREST freeware hardware diagnostics tool which will provide detail information on all computer your hardware.

Best Regards,

Could also be a heat build up issue, as encoding really works your system. If your PSU checks out ok, try adding or improving on your cooling. for testing RAM - should let it run 24hrs if possible.

use task manager to view the CPU resources - if it remains pinned at 100% for a long time during encoding/conversion, could be a heat issue, or just unstable for many reasons, possibly RAM modules and their heat as well - perhaps even the North bridge.

could try to set the setting in system properties “automatically restart on error” to unticked - so instead of restarting, you receive a BSOD and a STOP error code (XXXXX)

start | run EVENTVWR and look for messages/errors

so what’s the PSU brand model and specs ?

This is one of the reasons I love DVD Rebuilder, if I’m too lazy to take my case off and my computer overheats, it just encodes chapter by chapter and can resume easily. Might be good to look in to.

dvd rebuilder doesn’t convert from dvd to avi does it???

i dowloaded everest. thanks for the tip, its a great bit of software…

i still can’t work out how to work out what the amps rail is…do i have to take off the backcover

it does say however that my motherboard is running at 37c and the cpu is running at 104c!!!when converting. it actually running at high ninety’s just at resting.
man that doesn’t sound good!!! i tried the tash manager also and it in the high ninety’s cpu also
i neglected to say that i have mini tower too (micro atx) would that make heating more of and issue???

thanks for your support guys


YES - omgoodness - 104 C - that is WAY TOO HOT if it is correct !!!

Make certain the HSF is SPINNING and is NOT clogged with dust and dirt and cat hair :wink:

For NOW …leave the case cover OFF - and if possible point/aim a nice BIG Table fan directly at it to cool it - but you may not want to even use it, as those Temps will cause Damage

Reseat the HSF
– scrape off the old thermal compound - and clean up using ArctiClean, and apply artic silver

as for Amps and Rails - you can use MBM,fid,7309,00.asp

Amperage (or Amps) when in doubt - turn to the Wikipedia :wink:

…a typical PSU’s rails refers to it’s 3 main [+] (positively charged) voltage legs --> +12v, +5v, +3.3v - though it also will show [-] (negatively charged) specs as well – these are much less important specs for most PCs as of late.

Anyway - i think you have a HEAT issue :wink:

i took the cover off and one of the large multi pin cables was sitting on the cpu fan??? maybe it happened during travelling…anyway the cpu temps dropped down to 52c and the motherboards upto 41c just resting…are these respectable temps? will have to get back to you about the other advice i.e articsilver…
what are the temps your pc runs at???

i haven’t tried converting yet but it certainly seems that could be the key issue

fuck…good all athalon hey…it would have been running at that temp for a few months…you reckon most other cpu’s would have just burnt out?