Computer dont find my new dvdburner & the old one



Hey, Im from Sweden so my english might not be perfect, but I hope you will understand anyway. So, I’ve had a _NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A for about two years now, but I got a new dvdburner a few days ago(Pioneer DVR-115D) and my fathers friend helped and putted it into the computer (cause me and my dad didnt really know how to open up the fronthing) .

So, both the NEC & the pioneer gets power into them. I can open them both by pressing the eject button. But none of them appear in “My Computer” :S .

When I open up the controllpanel and into the system and open up the DVD/CD thing, it only shows the NEC drive, and when I try to change it or deactivate it or change it or anything, the program freezes…

Soo uhm… how do I get them working?
(Might be some wrong cable things into the comp?)


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You may need to adjust the jumpers on the back of the drives, if they’re both attached to the same flat ribbon cable.

The drive attached to the far end of the cable will need the jumper set to the “Master” position, and the drive attached to the middle of the cable, will need the jumper set to the “Slave” position.

There should be a diagram on each of the drives, saying where the jumper should go. :slight_smile:



And don’t forget to use an 80wired flat ribbon cable to connect the drives. Such a cable is mandatory for Pioneer drives.
Also, Pioneers prefer to be set as Master. Install your other drive as Slave then.



Thanks mates, I dont know much about computers, but my fathers friend read through what you said and he fixed it :slight_smile: .
Thanks so much! <3


Glad the drives are working now! :slight_smile: