Computer does not recognize burner

I have two computers one has 2 Lite-on drives ,(Sh S182M & Shm 165P6S), the other has a Plextor 760 A & BenQ 1655. My idea was to take the 165 Lite-on and switch it with the Plextor, giving me a Lite-on in each computer so that I would be able to access Kprobe in both computers. When I tried to install the Lite-on in the same slot and jumpers the Plextor had, I got a error message from Nero, when I checked for proper installation, that there were no cds installed, took the lite-on out put the Plextor back in and it works fine, same with the Lite-on put back in the computer it came out of and it works fine. Any ideas ?

The Nero version which gives you the alert surely is a OEM version.