Computer cuts off attempting firmware update, etc

You know, I just don’t know why I spent 350+ on that Sony DRU-500ax a year or so ago. I remember when I was trying to upgrade the firmware to 2.0h, and everytime i clicked on the exe file my computer would restart.

But, I survived. Now, I just ordered a new liteon sohw-812s, and I did want to actually upgrade the sony again to 2.1a, because I thought of using it as a secondary, in case I wanted to er, make a second backup of my movies at the same time. Anyways, still getting the same old song and dance from the comp: click on exe, get a restart. Additionally, I have been trying to install dvdinfopro, click on that setup exe, same thing happens… nero infotool, you guessed it, RESTART. I have TONS of programs on my HD, only these will cause this mayhem.

I remember that there was one specific thing in windows that sony had me do (along with uninstall Norton AV, take the cd-rw off the ide cable, rub cooking oil in my hair, and face west while doing all this, etc). But for the life of me I cannot remember what the F** it was.

Here is a rough description of the guts on my comp

Athlon XP 2500+ 1.8Ghz
two sticks 512 MB DDR
IDE 0: 2 hard drives…master/slave
1 hd on a promise pci card Ultar IDE blah blah
nvidia type Ti4200-TD8X AGP
IDE 1: sony DRU-500AX on master, liteon LTR-52246S on slave
internal zip 100 drive on promise card

Can anybody tell me WTF is happening?

It would appear to me that anything having to do with changing something related to the Somy causes some bad mojo enough for a shut down: DVDinfopro…Nero Cd tool…sony firmware…


get rid of the promise card…try you opticals on secondary ide…

the opticals ARE on the secondary ide if the HD’s are 0 and the burners on 1, aren’t they?

Got an e-mail from sony, this is what they said to do:

Right Click My Computer
Choose Properties
Choose Hardware
Choose Device Manager
Click the + in front of IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
Double Click the secondary IDE Controller
Choose the Advanced Settings Tab
Change the DMA mode for both Device O and Device 1 to PIO Only
Click Apply, and OK
You will need to restart the computer for the settings to take effect

I know how to do this, but…how would that effect DVDInfoPro?

If I were to take a SWAG…

PIO is an older transfer mode than DMA; older modes can sometimes be more compatible in a general sense. Remember, alot of the systems in a modern PC are an evolution, not a revolution, of old, old x86 technology. So perhaps running the optical drives in PIO will disable the bestest, newest (incompatiblest) advances in DMA that were built upon the old stable foundation of PIO :bigsmile:

more searching found at least part of a possible answer- USB card reader! I believe this may be at least causing dvdinfopro to crash and burn with BSOD.

Yep- it was the card reader! I disabled the card reader and can run DVDinfopro ( a cool prog) AND…AND…also start my sony firmware exe. Ain’t that a hoot?
BTW, the problem child is DFSTOR2K.SYS. It is a unsigned driver that evidently was installed when I first loaded up the card reader.