Computer crashing when ripping DVD's


I’m having trouble trying to rip a Apocalypto DVD to an xvid AVI file. DVD Decrypter works fine to rip it to an IFO image but the problem occurs when i’m trying to rip an IFO file using AutoGK or Xilisoft DVD Ripper. It normally gets to about 8-10% then my whole computer crashes. I thought this might have been a problem with my operating system so I did a format then fresh install of Windows XP on my machine and tried again but the same outcome occured. Any ideas? I’m baffled!


As far as I’m aware the only ripping software that will successfully cope with this title is DVDFab HD Decrypter.


For R1, RI4M works also. Kindest Regards

It is possible that your CPU is overheating. Make sure all the fans are working and that the CPU heatsink and the vents on the case are not plugged with lint.