Computer crashes whilst burning with nero

i have a amd phenom 9500 and a asrock motherboard an dual burners im enquiring as to if anyone can help me solve the dilemma im having with my computer crashing when i burn with nero??? i can burn on the divx player yet not nero can someone point me in the right direction???

I know that you will get some great advice here but I just want to say not being technical myself, just a trial and error person, I found Nero gave me hassles and I ended up uninstalling it. I also know that many people have no troubles with Nero and like it etc.
I found that I just love to use 1clickdvdcopy pro and this I trialed, first of all, to see how it went.
Maybe, you might like to try it also?
I run Windows Vista and I use Taiyo Yuden discs and burn at 8X.
You need to also have a free software program to run with 1 clcik which is DVD43 (4.0 latest version).
This I have found to be a delightfully easy, quick as quick program that just copies, encodes and burns with easy interface and is truly one that I just love.
Good luck, as I mentioned I’m sure you’ll get good advice but had to let you know about 1clickcopydvd pro.
Thanks and good luck.
Angie :slight_smile:

Your question is a little confusing.
You have two burners, yet you say that you can burn on DivX player, I assume it is also a recorder, that is not internal burner and will not use Nero.
DivX is mpeg4, DVD is mpeg2.
What are you burning on you internal burners?
What Nero version are you using?
You can try ImgBurn(free) to see if that one will work.