Computer crashes every time i burn/rip

Every time i try to burn to DVD or CD or rip from CD my computer crashes. How can i check if the driver is the problem and where can i update the driver if i need to?

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To see if you have some drivers problem, go to Device manager (right click on “MyComputer”, select “Properties” and then “Hardware” --> Device Manager)

If there are some yellow markers you have a driver problem

There are no problems there

Can you try to install this drive on another machine? In this way we can exclude a damaged drive.

Another try is to change cables and check if you have a sufficient PSU on your computer.

For what I know also a damaged RAM can cause sudden shut-downs of the computer.

i have already tried memtest and it found no problems with the RAM. I havent got another computer to hand, but will try to install the drive asap. How can i find out if its the driver thats causing the computer to restart?

The only way I can figure right now is to try the drive on another computer.

Actually, windows install by itself all needed drives. You don’t need any specific driver.

Another thing that can cause problems is IDE drivers. Do you have installed something like nvidia or intel IDE drivers?

With such little information it is difficult to diagnose the problem.
It could be a problem with the OS! However go to device manager and delete the ide channel that the optical drive is on and reboot.
The OS will reload standard drivers.
Then try a new burn.

sorry, im a slight n00b :frowning:

how would i find out which IDE channel the drive is on?

it’s in the same window where you find DMA, but you must select the tab “Drivers”

there is no difference between the two IDE channels, shall i just uninstall them both?

But what do you see? What drivers do you have?

they are both Microsoft drivers, and it says that they are both working properly

If your drive in installed on secondary channel and you want to try, uninstall only secondary channel. Leave the primary unchanged.

Remember: you must do a reboot to changes take effect

i dont know if its on the primary or secondary, how would i find this out?

Use Infotool to gain all informations.

You can find here: it’s free, don’t require installation, and dobn’t need nero to work

tried burning again, same thing happened, but on the BSOD it came up with

error etc etc win32k.sys

Can you post a complete log of nero? “etc etc” is a little too generic to understand what happened

Adding to what Geno said…if there was a STOP error in the BSOD, that’d be handy to know, too. :slight_smile:

I tried burning to DVD again and it worked, but then when i was ripping from CD it crashed again. On the BSOD i got the following error message:

***STOP 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x804E30DA, 0xF0C53A88, 0x00000000)