Computer crashed, CDr and dvdr now F'ed

Having problems with my CDR and DVDR drives

Computer crashed a couple of times because my video card was failing.
Installed another video card and computer seemed fine. Went to go record some data to my Dvdr ± drive, and noticed the computer is seeing both drives as cdrom drives. Put a blank dvd in the dvd drive and windows thought it was an audio cd. put my windows xp disk in both drives, windows thought it was an audio disk. Did this many times with different disks with the same result.

Removed both drives from hardware device page, rebooted. same thing.
Replaced all cd driver files with my back up sp2 cd files No luck.

Tried to update the firmware of both drives, but the device names of the drives are screwed up (weird charters) and so I cant update their firmware.

I also update my IDE controller drivers, didn’t help

any ideas???