Computer Crash Help Needed

My computer has crashed twice over the last 7 days for some reason. I have just got back online and i want to do a backup as the computer is now with just the basic software on in case it happens again. Can someone recommend a good backup program i can use to copy everything to CD/DVD. I have Nero 6 installed but cant figure out how to do it with Nero or even if you can.

Norton Ghost

Link to norton ghost information

Thanks very much you superstars.

acronis true image 7 (free, hopefully the link is still valid)

Just before you do this try to restore you system to 2 or 3 week back before this problem started then reboot and try again see if the problem resolved.

uh… shouldn’t your operating system has their own backup program?

before back up just move the files like movies, music, etc… using nero by just burning it to DVD discs., it will cut your backup time in half or so. just back up your important info to a secure media and just move the rest to external HD or DVD media (cheapest).