Computer cases

I was thinking of making a custom case for my computer. i was wondering if any of you know of a site or know yourself of some of the standard specs i’ll need to consider while desinging it.
thanks for the help.

were you going to build your case, from scratch? or modify an exisiting one??

first off—its FINALLY good to be outta boot!! :smiley: (navy boot was easy, just took too damn long) These computers arnt that great either. …“or modify an exisiting one” caught my eye. I used a .357 to “modify” some air holes in my case–yeah, i took the MB out before. :rolleyes: :frowning: hehe… 2 new faces in the last 2 months? Man, I’ve missed soooo much. its good to see that we still have the same bad ass admin’s–and that my account is still active. what i’ve missed

2 ghz

AMD xp (xp—sigh --oh well)
havent seen much of a drop in laptops though–any good laptop dealers around that are trustworthy? 600mhz+ :stuck_out_tongue: ahh, it was good to finally be able to post on the forum once again.