Computer can't read DVD8701 anymore?



Ok, I’ve recently just DL Daemon Tools for my PC, I’ve had it on my laptop for a while. For those that don’t know about Daemon Tools, it lets you run games, dvds, on the HDD without having the acutal disc via a Virtual CD Drive.

Anyways, now my DVD±RW that’s been with my computer isn’t working. I have no idea why. So I unistalled Daemon Tools, and now when I look under hardware, it has a ! next to it. I can’t find drivers for the drive, even though it’s from dell, there aren’t any drivers for it. Its a Phillips DVD8701. Any ideas to get it working again?




Then uninstall it, both.


did that… and windows trys to install it again… and it still says something about the driver


uninstall, then reset the computer and lets windows detects it. If it still doesn’t work, then you have to uninstall your IDE controller and reset the computer and let your computer redetect the IDE controller. Once it detects the controller, your drive attached to that controller will be installed as well. But I would download the chipset driver of your motherboard just in case it doesn’t detect the default driver then you have to reinstall the chipset driver of your motherboard.


just to be safe how would i uninstall the ide controller? through disk management? and how do i find the chipset driver of the motherboard? thanks