Computer can't handle video collection?

Recently my computer has been negatively affected every time I open the folder that I keep my videos in which is 66 gigs. There’s a green bar at the top that indicates loading that moves very slowly when I open it and move through it and my computer starts making a sound like it’s working really hard. My computer eventually starts seriously lagging and becomes basically unusable simply from opening up my video folder. Does anyone know of a possible solution for this? It’s a pretty bottom of the line computer that only cost 400 bucks that I bought last year but I don’t have the money to buy a new one. It’s a Compaq Presario PC SR5350F. Everything else it seems to handle fine, like my music collection which is much larger than the video collections.

It sounds like your video files are one or more corrupted and when it scans the folder files it gets bogged down trying to read the files. So you will either have to delete the complete folder or find the corrupt file or files and get rid of them. Otherwise this will be a reocurring problems. What your indicating is most likely as before a bad file or files causing the O/S to bog down trying to open the folder.

You don’t mention your OS, but do you have thumbnails or one of the video properties enabled in Explorer? For instance, if you have BitRate enabled it has to scan every file.

Try running checkdisk on the drive to see if there are errors, when a drive slows down too much it could be on its way to fail. Another thing to do is defragment it.