Computer can't find DVD Burner

I recently purchased a Netbook and realized I needed a CD/DVD burner. I have a old LaCie which stopped working, so I bought one of these;

This setup worked fine on the Mac that I got rid of, however when I tried to plug it into the Netbook it said “new equipment found” and then didn’t seem to do anything. It doesn’t show up in the area where the Hard Drives are listed. When I run the built in CD/DVD burner software it tells me it can’t find the burner.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi and Welcome!

you were also using the Power Supply Unit which came with the adapter?
Also, double check if your optical drive is properly connected to the adapter. What you could do also, is to (again) try that setup with another computer since it cannot be excluded that one of the components went bad in the meantime.