Computer cannot recognize SD card

If i put a SD memory card in my laptop, it won’t recognize it and in hardware properties i got a message “this device cannot start (code 10)”. i’ve found that there is a hotfix available from microsoft, but i cant found how to download this. Anybody help please?

I had an SD card that would not read; had to trade it with someone how had the same size card; it was fine with my reader and mine worked fine with them; GO FIGURE.

I just had a quick search, it would seem that you will have to contact microsoft for the hotfix, they have not made it available to the general public on their support site. Go figure. The information for this hotfix can be found here. You may also want to try updating your drivers for the SD card slot, and maybe even your bios.

Is it a SD card or SDHC card? Are you using a card reader?

i had that with a 2GB SD card, it ended up as the reader, it could read a 1GB card ok, but not a 2GB card, a new card reader solved this for me

forget about contacting M$ for the hotfix , you can get it here at ease it contains almost all not-publicly available xp hotfixes , btw dont use a download manager it wont work (server check referal)