Computer and duplicator

I have a computer which I just put a new OS on. My computer has a 80 gig internal hard drive and I have to use a external cd/dvd drive because it does not have on internally. I also have a five drive sata duplicator with a wytron 899 controller card. My question is how should I use a tera bite hard drive with my equipment best. I will be backing up my dvd’s and also downloading movies from the internet. I would like to sync my equipment what should I do. Thanks in advance for the help.

It depends. If you are planning on doing any video encoding or other software intensive tasks where you will be creating a new file from an old one, it is best to have two separate HD’s… One for software only, and one for data storage.
If not, I don’t think that it would matter all that much.

Can you fit a new 1tb hd in your existing case?

I don’t think I can fit it in my case I would go with a external hard drive for my computer and if I put it in the duplicator it fits into the case. I don’t know about encoding I just want to be able to store movies on my hard drive in order to bring it back up and put it on disk when I need to. Instead of wasting a disc to back it up. If encoding has to do with downloading a movie and then converting it into a dvd then yes I will be encoding.

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