CompUSA + RebatesHQ + Hitachi = NO Rebates



We all have out rebate horror stories. However CompUSA’s FTC settlement to fulfill rebates seems to have done no good. Make no plans of getting your rebates from CompUSA even after discussions with their managers who will promise to obtain the rebate for you. RebatesHQ, a fulfillment house for rebates, is the worst. I have heard of at least 6 instances amongst my circle of friends who inquired of RebatesHQ about unfulfilled rebates and got the answer; “we never got the rebate claim”. If you can believe it or not the manager at CompUSA told me she has never seen a company like Hitachi that is unilaterally failing to honor rebates. She claims almost all of the complaints she receives for rebate problems involves Hitachi.


It wasn’t but a few years back that you could count on rebates… Honestlly, we forget to send them in, we send the wrong stuff, etc… and the rebate houses took full advantage of it, and raped us all. You claim that within your circle of friends, 6 people had problems with rebateHQ. I’m not sure I believe you… LOL just kidding… Just google rebatehq and you will get thousands of horor stories. Among the totally evil, rebate hq is the most known and the bigest rapists in the world.
So how did you get screwed??? Compusa is one of the companies that still stick to the mega rebate ads. Every rebate is most liklly backed by a rebate house that pretty much guarentees if you are not willing to fight for your rebate you are not going to get it unless you win the lottery (you acutally have a chance of winning this lottery, 1 in two to onein three at least).
Fyi, what was compusa’s ftc settelment (I think I got a sima st-200 for the st-2 price and on fat wallet they mentiojned the lawsuit but I could not get details…
Basically I got the 120$ unit (acording to cusa online priceing for the ? (80$, 70$, unit)
Compusa basically sold the more expensive unit for the cheaper price, andit was not an error that was corected,they ran the full week, you get the ct-200 for the ct-2 price ?
They re runing the ct-200 for the same price again tomorow. But you cannot even find the ct-2 now. I would love some linkd to the cusa ftc setelment, I’m really curious???


I admit, I’ve had a handful of rebates that RebatesHQ said they never received. BUT…A couple phone calls or e-mails, and a quick fax of my copies of the original submission, and I have NEVER been stiffed on a rebate, whether from RebatesHQ, or any other processor. May have taken a bit longer to get back, but I’ve gotten them all, going back to the late 90’s when the rebate trend really seemed to start taking off.