CompUSA power supply tester

Available at compUSA is a power supply tester.

It tests ATX Power supplies and all connectors except SATA.

Sata can be tested with a connector usally supplied by Mother Board.

Cost 10.00 US

If you build systems this is a must.


Yeah, these things are a must in ANY PC techs toolbox! For those of you that DON’T know, bad power supplies and VERY often the culprit when intermittant problems plague a machine. Excelent heads up carthoris!


How about a brand name or a link??

There are two listed:

Are you talking about the $10 regular price one or the $19.99 one that says nothing about a sale/bargain. I thought this was a “Bargain” forum??

ATX power supply tester. price 9.99 at compUSA

I felt that this price for a P/S tester that works for 9.99 was a bargin. It is listed as in stock and 1 penny shipping for a limited time.



I looked at both of them with your supplied link, and my bet is that it is the cheaper one, part#050621 FMI.