Compusa Pissed me off!



I went online last night and reserved a copy of Nero 7 for $39.99. gave them a credit card number and when I went to pick it up today they said that I have to pay $99.99. Reason being that they don’t charge your card and you have to pick it up before the sale ends. Pretty crappy if you ask me…


I’ll say… :a

A decent sales manager would have extended the sale price anyway to make the sale and keep a customer.


I would for sure send them an email and let them know that they lost a customer and that you also posted it on forums so that others like me will not shop there.


From what I have learnt, the more you complain, the more you get. If you have already bought it, ring their customer servicies, and tell them what has happenened and what you expectations were. As long as you stay on the phone for 20+ mins, and every time someone annoys you you ask for their superviser, they should refund you the money, just to get you off the phone. If you havent bought it, you should go back into the store, and say what you understood was the information from the website. If its not clear that the offer has to be claimed on the day of the sale, you should be able to get some money back. Its the law (or at least here in England it is).



You gave up too quick, man. You should’ve called a supervisor or manager. That’s the way it is. If you reserve a product during the period of time that it is on sale, the price you pay is the sales price, not the price when you pick it up. That happened to me when I bought my camera at Circuit City.


I agree, any manager worth anything would have honored the pricing rather than lose a customer. Having said that, this is what is at the very bottom of their store reservation/pick up agreement:

“Note: To take advantage of rebates or special pricing with In-Store Pick-Up, your order must be picked up within the timeframe of the offer(s).”

I would send their corporate customer service a complaint and then never shop there again. In fact, I have had so many problems with their instore pricing, that I don’t shop there anymore even if the offer is a good one.

Good luck!


the customer isn’t always right.

in this case it was incorporated into the policy that you must pick up the item during the sale therefore the original argument is completely invalid.

good customer service doesn’t always mean that the customer is always right.

it doesn’t sound to me like airphoto put up a fight. if you made a big deal out of it, they should cave. most managers are taught that a customer is more important than a few bucks.

i like taking advantage of good deals (i pretty much LIVE in the bargain basement forum on here), but I also work in retail and it’s a pain in the ass when some customer thinks they’re special and wants to break the rules…

i do see both sides of it, but if they showed you the policy and you just said “ok” and walked out then you don’t really have a reason to complain on here…you didn’t try.

if you had made a big deal about it, if i were the manager you would have pissed me right the f-bomb off, but i would have given you the stupid credit anyway just to make you leave. i would also make it known that the breach of policy was a one-time thing and that i was doing you a favor as the policy was clearly written and next time you have no excuse to be ignorant of the policy.


I am not done yet. I had to come home just to cool off. Thanks for the replys.
I am looking at a couple on Ebay but am a little leary. At the bottom of the description it says "Picture is for display purposes only, auction is for install cd and tutorials cd in sealed sleeves with serial only, retail box is not included."
I don’t care about a box I just want the real thing.
Auction is for [U]Nero 7 Ultra Edition Free Shipping![/U]
Has anyone bought like this before???


dont buy from ebay they are most likely oem versions.
If you gave them your cc number then it is as good as sold at that price doesn’t matter when you pick it up, you gave them your cc number and expected them to bill it


IMHO compusa will not be around much longer. Most everything they sell is based on a rebate. Their prices are through the moon and I have not been in there store in a long time. And when I did go there I always searched out a manager and told him or her “Im not buying this from you” For reasons of rebates and price. I just tell them im here to look at the physical product before I mail order it in at half the price and no tax. That usually got them a little pissed but if they think I cared they better think again. They have become usless and usually sell junk now. I don’t even look at their ad anymore knowing full well it’s a rebate ad.

ps: about those taxes: because I have nothing to say and no influnce how it is spent I don’t loose any sleep over it. I but my smokes and gas on a reseveration No tax. I buy everything else out of state, again no tax. If I can not have input how those dollars are spent they can go to hell before they see a dime. I just did some quick math and in the last 6 years they got about $45 dollars.


no offense, but the only reason this got them pissed was probably because you were annoying the hell out of them. if you think a store manager has a say in what products cost and what rebates are available on them in a corporate chain like compusa, you’re very mistaken.

they have no say in it so when you complain about it you’re just wasting your time and theirs.

i have to side with the retail employees on this one. people looking to start fights and tick off employees don’t get ANYWHERE with me and they’re usually bluffing. never coming back to my store again? good, i think we’ll manage. oh, and i’ll see you next week since that’s what happened the last time you said you’d never come in again…

if it makes you feel better then ok i guess…


Well thats their problem not mine. Sure I pop in if I need a floppy or something stupid but big ticket items, no way. And your right him or her have no say in it but if people bitch enough maybe they can get the hint. We got a big one here and if you see 2 dozen people in there at any given time that’s alot. I may not get something the same day but ill get it at half the price without triple rebate coupons. I don’t tick of the regular retail employees they are just mininum wage robots. Always go after the big fish. And him or her can get as pissed as they want, nothing they can do about it but plenty I can do if they say something wrong to me. End of message.


you’re still not getting the point. they have no say, so even if they get the hint there’s nothing they can do about it!

have you ever worked in retail or for a corporate company? it doesn’t seem so so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but trust me when I say that these people don’t care what your complaint is. if it were a franchise and your complaint was going to effect the owner’s bottom line and get them in trouble then sure, then they’d give a shit.

the corporate chain of command is bureaucratic in the sense that there are so many specific channels to go through that by the time a reprimand gets down to the store level for something that you’ve complained to corporate about, no one gets in trouble. the employees know this and therefore don’t care that you’re unsatisfied with something that they can’t control. you know what does matter to them though? their jobs. and if they don’t follow policy they will lose their jobs. you don’t like the policy? too bad! your complaining to corporate will get them in a lot less trouble then them deliberately breaking the rules.

harrassing store employees won’t do ANYTHING except let you get it out of your system. if you enjoy dumping on someone who has no direct say in causing your problem and no means by which to fix your problem then that’s your thing I guess.

this got slightly off topic, and it’s not ALL meant towards you, bkf. it’s just a generalization that I’ve come to accept as a retail employee at a corporate chain.


I understand. Im sorry to. Welcome to earth… pull up a chair… and watch everything sink :flower:


Well everyone I called the store today and talked to the manager and he is going to sell it to me for $39.99. He apologized and said that the way the internet reserving works is not set up very well and that the employees should have taken care of it.


Picked it up last night with no problem…


Yay :):):slight_smile: just shows the more you complain, the more you get


I didn’t really have to complain. I just told the manager what happened and he said that the counter people should have taken care of it at the time.


Then you should have complained. You might have got a free company pen :stuck_out_tongue:


I am just glad that they took the time to make it right.