CompUSA Moonlight Madness Sale 04/14

CompUSA is having a Moonlight Madness sale Friday 04/14 6PM to Midnight.
HI-VAL DL DVD drive model # HDVD168DL $29.99 after $25 rebate. Should be Benq 1640 or Liteon SHW160P6S. You might be able to tell which by the color of the bag like the I/O Magics.

Nice. Thx for the tip.

Looks like the Benq’s could be DQ60s too.

Just returned from the store - got Benq 1670 in HiVAL box.
It was sealed with IO Magic tape :slight_smile:

How bad is 1670 comparing to 1650?

Same thing here, OEM version of DW1670 in Hi-Val boxes, on sale for $55, with a $25 rebate.

Model number DW1670-291.

Shows up as ATAPI DVD DC 16X8X5 100, meaning OEM firmware version 100.

Not bad, assuming you don’t care about quality scans [which this drive cannot do].

Can someone confirm that the HiVAL 1670s firmware is UDMA 4 like the BenQ 1670s firmware was reported to be?