CompUSA Moonlight Madness 4 hr sale 06/29 @ 6pm to 10pm

Link to flyer
Just read my email and found this one

targus bluetooth laser mouse for $9.99 AR
WD ext 500gb HDD for $119.99 no rebates, 20% off all blank media
Maxtor 320gb ext HDD $70 No rebates
Desktop $399.99 with Vista Business, 250GB HD No rebate

And a lot more

Is this sale valid on Blank media that’s already on sale?

It would kind of help if the ad told us what kind of PROCESSOR was in the thing.

Here’s the PC. You can look up items by their product number. :iagree:

Some pretty good deals on certain electronics, but even with 20% off blank media…theres no good media deals which sucks. It sucks that they only have TDK media on sale, because last time i bought tdk’s they were CMC’s (eww)

I am going for the Targus bluetooth laser mouse, need that for my lappy since it has bluetooth built in. I hate plugging in the adaptor if it is not bluetooth. I am also going for the WD Ext 500gb hdd for $119.99 no rebate. Still debating between the WD Ext HDD or the Maxtor 320GB ext HDD for $70. It sucks that WD external version only comes with 1 yr warranty. Hopefully the Maxtor has 3 yrs

Yea, those HDD deals looked good. If i had the cash i would probably atleast pick up the maxtor.

Now I am hoping that WD has eSATA port since I am looking for a new laptop, santa rosa laptop and most santa rosa lappy has eSATA and my desktop also has eSATA port. It will blow away USB 2.0

:doh: Of course!

Thanks, jhtalisman :clap:

thank you for posting this, much appreciated

I am thinking of pricematching the WD 500GB ext. HD at Best Buy. It will be around 115$ then. Do you think this will work? IF this does work is it a good deal?

Compusa in this part of the country is dead and no longer exist.

I bought the targus laser bluetooth mouse, rechargable, very nice, $9.99 AR and I also received $15 iTune giftcard. Dont know what to do with it since I hate iTune and IPOD. My Phone has better MP3 Engine than those ipods and I dont have to download that crappy itune softwares to my computer to transfer songs to my phone, just via the usb cable or use media reader. Thanks god
My friend reacted when he found out that I never had itune installed in my computer, he said “my god, you are a computer literate and did not have itune installed”?? My little cousin is gonna be happy since she has an ipod and that giftcard is gonna be hers.

I wanted to buy the WD ext. HDD also, but they never stocked any. At least I can still buy them online with free shipping. If any of you guys missed the deal, it ends tomorrow

I ended price-matching the WD 500GB ext. HD with w/ Best buy. It took me around an hour to do so…don’t even ask. horrible customer service and attitude from the manager. sarcastic comments and rolling eyes from cust. reps. when i proved my point that they themselves don’t know store policy. I basically had to freaking spell it out for them. i have written a letter to corporate office already…best buy is a joke


I thought CompUSA went out of business, what gives?

In some states not all.

in maryland, CompUSA is still there.

they close the slow stores and kept the high volume store. And they are hoping to make a come back. Time to time you see promotion like this

They bought the outfit “Good Guys" and dissolved it in matter of months and then went almost to the state of bankruptcy them self, that is what you call intelligent management…

Well, the good guys sells hi-end products, but I guess most folks go for “bang for the buck” and thus they cannot compete with circuit city and best buy. but I missed the good guys since they have major mark down on open box and clearance items