CompUSA Midnight Sale

CompUSA has a midnight flyer on-line for tomorrow night.

As far as I can tell, these specials should be available locally and on-line.



Damn rebates.

yeah i would be a good deal if you didn’t have to mail in the rebates :doh:

You might beable to do them online. :rolleyes:

Do what on-line? RebateUSA? Not a chance. I might have goten that 300 meg HD except for the two rebates required. Ill be sure to point that out to the manager next time im in there if ever. This is not a midnight sale… It’s a midnight rebate event.

CompUSA = Rebate Kingdom

What amazes me is that the before rebate prices can be so high!!! Some of these stores have HUGE markups!!! It’s sad the think some people actually pay that much when they are not on sale.

i don’t see anything too hot

i second the motion :doh:

You guy stick with mail I stay with the pc!!! :eek:

Just to update… I got my $80. rebate check friday for buying a Maxtor HD which I submitted the rebate on line 1/01/06 so I don’t think thats bad at all. :bigsmile: