CompUSA midnight madness flyer

CompUSA midnight madness flyer here.

I’m not in the market for a HD and Samsung wouldn’t be my first choice in any event, but a 300GB drive for $0.20/GB is about as low as I’ve seen (the Seagate 300GB drive in another thread is pretty close).

Thanks for the heads up.

Man wth everything has a mail in rebate!

Samsung’s my favorite, really smooth compared to Seagate and others I’ve used. Nowhere near a CompUSA though. :doh:

They really should call it thier Friday night rebate sale.

I have has good luck with thier eRebate but just so so with the normal rebate.

I would definitely recommend the Belkin 7-port USB Hub for anyone that might need one. I love the 2 USB ports that are on top, great for quick flash drive and camera/PSP plug-ins.


How long does it normally take to get their eRebates?

Man, I’d rate Samsung as the one to avoid. I’ve had more than a 50% out of box failure rate with them and only seen about 3 live more than a week in use. I’ll generally use Maxtor, WD, or Seagate (can’t believe Seagate’s back to good again - I’ve seen them flip flop in quality several times in about 18 years). Only ever had 1 Maxtor fail (not counting recalled drives in oem PCs), and 2 WDs fail, and both were replaced without problem under warranty. Seen too many problems with IBM/Hitachi too (and Fujitsu both desktop when they made them and laptop), though not as bad as Samsung.

Anyways, the rebates are too much of a percentage of the price to be worth risking. I’ve had more and more trouble with rebates on items purchased at CompUSA over the last few years to where I’d only expect a 50/50 shot of getting the rebate without having to fight for it.

Comp Usa NEVER have any of the sale items in stock, i have even orderd online & had the order cancelled due to no stock - they suck!
their rebates can take 8-10 weeks if you get it at all!
i would rather pay a bit more at other stores & not have to deal with the hassle

The regular rebates I would avoid completely at CompUSA.

The eRebates have been good to me, always between 15 and 20 days.

I agree thier stock level is pitiful for all thier sales. My chances of getting the item has increased a lot since early sales fliers have been posted here on CDFreaks. If I really want something, I am on the computer as soon as the sales starts.