Compusa dw1640

After reading the threads on the rebadged compusa DW1640 I thought I would take a look today. I did find three, two comp brands at 69.99 and one Norwood Micro for 79.99. After spending as much time on the forum as I could the last week, I did order a LiteOn 165p6s from Newegg. Now I have another computer which needs a burner. Should I pay the extra and get the 1640 or just pick up a H10N or a 1650. Thanks

In the Plextor forum we are used to get this comment. But this going to be the first time I’m saying/seeing this in the BenQ forum:

Does the 1640 worth two 1650??!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

  • BenQ DW1650 $32.99 shipped at newegg. Not going to be long as this is a Weekend Sale.
  • CompUSA/Northwood Micro brands $69.99/79.99 + tax.

I don’t think so, but it’s your call.

Zevia is right, I wouldn’t pay $70 for a BenQ 1640 when the BenQ 1650 is less than half the price. Make no sense to spend $70. BenQ 1640 might be better than the 1650, but not on all media. In some media, the BenQ 1650 produces better quality, give or take. So get yourself a BenQ 1650

Ok people, but what scared me was " BenQ 1640 might be better than the 1650" I know the 1640 holds some venerable status and I certainly don’t care for CompUsa pricing. I guess I could dig out the “Review.”

Too bad you didn’t buy the rebadged 1640 yesterday because they were on sale $40.00 after instant and mail in rebate. I have to agree with zevia & ghetocowboy to get the 1650 drive since the shipping is free. But if you feel comfy about paying $70-$80 for the 1640 & 1650 from Compusa then go for it. Only difference I can see is if you decide the 1640/1650 isn’t good you can return it to the store. If you decide the 1650 from Newegg is junk for some reason then you’re stuck with it or if it’s defective then you’ll have to send it back to Newegg and pay the shipping cost. Only you can decide which is best for you. :wink:

zevia wrote:

In the Plextor forum we are used to get this comment. But this going to be the first time I’m saying/seeing this in the BenQ forum:
Does the 1640 worth two 1650??!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

:iagree: that has only been said in the Plextor forum!!! :smiley: :bigsmile:

why you pay $70 for 1640?

you can pay about the same price get a SONY DRU-810A

OEM 1640. same drive, but better looking

The Sony DRU-810 is not available from Newegg anymore. I did see some on e-bay but who would want to hassle with a return. Maybe it would be allright. Then there was a thread about a Sony DRU-810A-R that I guess wasn’t a “real” 1640. I guess I should have made it to Comp yesterday for the rebates and such. Thanks to all.

If you don’t mind waiting COMPUSA has those rebadged BENQ 1640/1650 drives on sale each month. :slight_smile:

Really? Someone mentioned that your sales receipt is good for a month. I could do that? I have to chuckle I stuck the 2 1640’s all the way in the back in case I come back tomorrow. Well good thought. Thanks for gettimg back to me. Pump me up about the 1640 and I’ll make a trip back tomorrow!

COMPUSA’s return policy is 21 days not a month. I’ve done price adjustments a week or 2 later when the item is on sale at another retail store. COMPUSA will make the price adjustment as long as you bring in the other stores ad. If you decide to buy the 1640’s from COMPUSA ask them what is the time frame for a price adjustment should it go on sale. Is it 14 days? 21 days? Good luck. :wink:

This week, I saw Sony 810 drives at wal-Mart for $54 and also at OfficeDepot for $39 (after instant and mail-in rebates) in the Downers Grove-Darien-Oakbrook area.
So, if you really realy want a 1640, you can take a look there.
I have three 1640s, they are great, but the 1655 is not so far behind them, quality-wise.

Scary to buy any SONY 810A drive since the reports of a revision of the drive which can no longer be crossflashed to the official BENQ 1640 drive. :sad:

Look for the ones with older production date , also if you can open the box , make sure it only says : Sony DRU 810A , with [B]NO “R”[/B]

I have this Sony drive crossflashed to Benq and it is realy awesome with all the media I try with it , TY , Verbatim , Sony , CMC MAG , Benq or even fake media :iagree:

Mine also came with 18 months warranty :stuck_out_tongue:

I was about to tell my brother who lives in the USA to get me one from Compusa , but it was sold for 70 $ with 30 days warranty , I got it from here “Egypt” for 50 $ and that was the only thing that I bought from Egypt and was cheaper than in the USA :bigsmile:

Yes, thanks for the information on the Sony DRU-810A, I did make it back to CompUsa today and the Norwood Micro brand was on sale. They will be on sale for the next week. There was only one DW1640 in the bunch the rest were 1650, so I just had to do the 1640 and am playing with it now. Thanks again. Oh it was 39.99 after $20.00 instore and $20.00 mail in rebate. Now its off to boneing up on the 1640!

If the I/O Magic goes on sale they also have used the 1640 and 1650 on some of theirs. Check that out as well. Also check the boxes that are actually CompUSA brand on the box some of those had 1640 and 1650 in them as well. At least thats what they were at my CompUSA in Baton Rouge.

On the COMPUSA brand you’ll actually have to open up the box to look at the drive. The last time they had those COMPUSA brand on sale they were either LITEON or BENQ DQ60 drives here in Hawaii. :wink: