CompUSA DVD+R 2.4x (Opto Disc)



LiteOn SOHW-812S @ DR8US0J. 4.02GB

Disc MID = 4F 50 54 4F 44 49 53 43 (OPTODISC)
Disc TID = 4F 50 31 (OP1)

CompUSA branded media. Manufactured by Opto Disc


Sorry, the image didn’t attach.


I think I´ll have to test this media out. Quality optodisc media is not common in Europe though.

BTW xxrAph, at what speed did you burn this?



There’s too much variability in this brand of media. I’ve got those 10 pack spindles and sometime they work okay in my drives (see below) other times I get verification errors and hi PI/PO at the end of the disk. Don’t trust them and always test your burns with that stuff. Some of these disks seem to be delaminating in the center hub area but I don’t think that affects the burn.





have problem with this media on LiteOn 811S, if burning less than 4 gig its ok, has unreadable media error around the 4 gig mark.


why bother?? i can get better results with ricoh or mcc or taiyo yuden and burn them at 8x from online stores and they are cheaper than what comp usa sells this 2.4x media for (i really hate compusa!) :a

i usually buy my media here! I get what i ask for not some name brand crap that turns out to be something other than what someone says it is.

remember folks just cause comp usa is selling optos now tommorow they well could be cmc or princos! :iagree:


lol wow blazing! :wink: