CompUSA DH-20A1P?

I bought this drive in hopes it was a Lite-On in disguise. I used it to burn one DVD successfully and now Nero Info Tools along with everything else (Shrink/DVD Decrypter) will not recognize drive as able to burn DVDs. Weird.

So I looked at flashing it with the latest Lite-On firmware following the directions in the other threads and using the codeguys tool. Didn’t work.

Anyone had this problem before? I just bought the drive a few days ago and the online support for it is nil. I’m probably going to return it and buy a memorex thats on sale. Thought I could convert this puppy to the LH image :sad:

I’m not sure what drive you have there. The only DH-series Liteys I’ve seen are of the 20A3 variety. The 20A1 models all have a LH-prefix…

The DH of the 20A1 series was some sort of OEM, which should be flashable to LH. The Flash Utility should be able to work.

Yep, it should work with the Flash Utility + FW found on the CodeGuys’ website. :iagree: It is a LH-20A1P. My retail A1P had LH-20A1P written everywhere, then [in a tiny spot] PLDS DH-20A1P appeared. This was the case with my 20A1H, too. [Still, I got “retail” FW.] Just make sure you back up your current firmware.

I backed up the firmware and tried to flash with the LH image but it wouldn’t go through. I tried all the images starting with the oldest one first and using the update boot code check box. Still didn’t work.

The weird thing is, the drive burned one disk and now it will not even be recognized as a DVD burner, just reader. I wonder if the drive just failed or something. Probably just return it today. I can’t even find any support for the darn thing i.e. stock firmware etc.

whoops… double post.

Thanks for the help… I got rid of it and went with the new Memorex model. Heres hoping for the best. Would have really like to get the LH code working but the drive just wouldn’t take the flash. I think its hosed.

I bought yesterday a Liteon DH 20A1S (OEM as u can see) and i tried to flash with the codeguys firmware and flash, and it works perfectly, also i created a firmware backup.