CompUSA-branded 4x DVD+R RICOHJPN R01 100 pack for $24.99

I went to CompUSA and came across a SWEET DEAL… CompUSA-branded 4x DVD+R 100-pack for $24.99. That is after an instant rebate. I couldn’t help but pick up a spindle for such a great deal. I went through the spindle, and checked a random sample of 3 discs with QSuite and verified that they are RICOHJPN R01. I’ve changed the write strategy to R02 with MCSE and have been able to burn 3 discs straight with no probs at 12x.

The same deal applies to the CompUSA DVD-Rs as well. There were PLENTY of 100-packs for both CompUSA-branded 4x +/-. I’m thinking of going back and loading up on more!

Heads up though… I did notice that the spindle I picked up, which was not in a cake box, was “Made in Taiwan” and that those 100-pack DVD+R spindles with the cake box were “Made in Hong Kong”… I’m curious if those are a different make.

Post some scans … :). Let’s see how these things scan up.

Thanks yodabeesh. I love 4x Ricoh discs. First disc off the top was a coaster, but one close to the bottom was perfect. Both discs burned at 8x with a 1620.

First disc:

Second disc:

If they didn’t carry the Ricoh dye I wouldn’t touch anything by COMPUSA with a 10 foot pole. They are notorious for outsourcing to Princo and Optodisc. Steer clear of the -R ones. The Hong Kong made ones are almost certainly not Ricoh. The only manufacturer I know out of Hong Kong is Infosmart which are well known as being the primary distributer of fake TY media across the globe. Steer clear of anything by Infosmart.

Do you have any more details on the packaging (color of label etc). I would love to get ricohs at that price but other compusa brand media is usally crap and compusa will not allow return of open media (probably because they know so much would come back).

@Rick: Thanks for posting the scans!!! I’ve been having problems running CD-Speed (winds up hanging and crashing towards the end of the scan)… I need to troubleshoot that. QSuite works fine though. I guess-timate based on burn times by using the benchmarks posted by others in the forum (yes, a cardinal sin…!). Eek. But, I’m glad that you’ve validated my initial findings.

@Jesterrace: The CompUSA brand has been hit or miss for me in the past. When I first ventured into the world of DVD burning, I found that their +R media worked great (this is the media that has their brand on each of the discs). I don’t know where those discs came from. I have had problems with their -R stuff. (That might explain why they had such a large inventory on their shelves with the extremely discounted prices). I have a barely-used spindle of CompUSA -R media gathering dust because I got nothing but coasters. To be fair, I’ve always used BenQ 1620, and I know that it has a history for being ultra picky with media. Its good to know the details re. the HK vs. Taiwan spindles. Thanks!

@Ripit: lemme scan and post the label (need to dig it out of the wastebin!)

There were two types of spindles for the DVD+R 100 pack. The one that I purchased did NOT have a cake box and had the following labelling:

Note the MADE IN TAIWAN above the UPC code.

The second type of spindle was in a cakebox and I do distinctly remember that those said MADE IN HONG KONG. Those might be the ones you will want to shy away from…

The SKU # was exactly the same for both types of spindles, and the sale price was applied to both. I’m glad I chose the right spindle!

Re. the actual discs… they have the standard plain silvery finish (you won’t be able to see this when they are packaged and on the shelves in the store). These discs do not have the CompUSA brand burned into each disc (you can see an example of those if you go into the store and look at the CompUSA 25-pack spindles).

compusa branded media is like playing the lottery, because ur probily not going win

went there, couldn’t find any DVD+R 100 pack 4x for $24.99, saw someone’s scan it was RICOHJPR01
only thing they had were DVD-R, so left. too risky

Thanks for going to the effort. I’ll have to see what they have here.