Compusa brand 16x ext burner $30.00 ar



clipped from bens:
this fri (17.mar.2006) @ 6:00 pm est. compusa brand 16x external burner. $60.00 out of pocket less a $30.00 rebate = $30.00

linky shows norwood brand. so i’m lost as to what drive it is. i no compusa does repackage benqs.


Norcents have been Liteon in the past, looking at the picture I think that may be a Benq. Short of it being something really awful, $30 for an external burner is an awesome price. They could be using multiple drives and the picture may not even match the actual drive, so it’s really anyone’s guess until someone with more info chimes in.

P.S. - I also saw in the ad, which runs on March 17 from 6PM to Midnight, a 200GB Seagate for $30 after rebate, and an I/O Magic 16x Lightscribe Burner for $50 after rebate (Benq 1655?). Other great deals as well. No CompUSA where I’m at though. :sad:


If I read that ad correctly via the techbargains web-site, the external 16x dvd burner is $50 AR.


From the ad I saw on CompUSA’s site, there is an internal non-lightscribe listed for $30, an internal lightscribe for $50, an external non-lightscribe for $60, and an external lightscribe for $90. Confusing, yes. I think that both of the non-lightscribe models may be the Benq 1640, and both of the lightscribe versions the Benq 1655, but no guarantees on that. :disagree:


If someone could confirm for sure that the internal is a 1640, I would gladly pick one up for scanning purposes.


the compusa branded burners “can” be a 1640. real easy way to tell is look for barcode and the product id above barcode will have the 1640 number in it. also the 1640 comes with both faceplates.


I read the reviews at Compusa on the Norwood Micro internal drive for $29.99.
this is what one reviewer said.

Although the name is Norwood on the box, the hardware inside is actually an Aopen DUW 1612. Solid performance and should handle any brand you want to push at it. Overall, a good drive at a terrific price and will give anyone the Dual Layer capabilities they want without much fuss.

I will have to go there today and see if there is a 1640 in the product #.
How about Seagate hard drives, any good.?


My local Compusa had some 1620’s selling as the CompUsa brand as of last week, and still had the 1625 as “their” Lightscribe drive. It all depends on how well they sell at your local store on the stock that they have available.


Seagate HDs are excellent, and they have 5 year warranties as well.


FYI: For those that do not have a Compusa nearby; the last 2 Midnight sales Compusa has had the sale prices available on-line also.



Compusa March 17 & 18 midnight sale is waste of time to even considere they have added %60 to their reugular prices then for sale is %40 off so you are end-up paying in most cases %20 over the regular prices. Hey this big gimick.


while you’re right about the gimmick, you need to learn math better :wink:

if something is $20 and they add 60% that makes it $32

if they mark it down 40%, that makes it $19.20 for a 1.05% DISCOUNT not 20% higher than reg price :slight_smile:

but like i said…you’re right about the gimmick…you end up paying just about reg price on all that junk anyway.

any good deals at compusa are through rebates and who wants to deal with that?


Thanks alot “scoobiedoobie”, too bad there are 3 rebates totaling $100. :Z


I concur, not to mention that they are super quiet and have recieved stellar reviews on pretty much any site you can visit.


The Norwood Micro in my local Compusa are DW 1640. I opened 3 of them and this is what it said: Model: DW1640 Manufactured by: Benq and Phillips FW: GSOB

The funny thing is that I don’t even see the name Norwood Micro except for the box. The Compusa brand was also DW1640.


Was there anything on the box indicating it was a 1640 or just on the drive?


hey wobble:
just got back from my compusa. there were 2 norwood micro’s, one had a part num xxxxx, the other had the 1640 in the part number . i did not open box to check, but lets assume. plus i think when these norwood mc-thingies first came out they were just a generic box, now the box label says something like norwood micro for compusa. so that would lead me to believe it follows the compusa scheme of labeling dvd’s. i own 2 of the compusa 1640’s (using the number in barcode scam).


“[I]Was there anything on the box indicating it was a 1640 or just on the drive?[/I][B]”

Below the barcode it had 1640 printed.

Update: Just installed this and cross flashed using BQflasher with BSBG fw. Then upgraded to BSOB fw. It now shows up as DW1640 : )


Thanks for the info guys!


I went to my local Comp USA and no sale and no rebates 79.99 regular price for a internal drive that I verified to be a Benq 1640 by the markings on the box although I
opened the box as well and sure enough it was a 1640. Is this some special sale that they are not honoring in Wisconsin?
Thanks Budzos