CompUSA add for 07/14 or 07/15


Thank you, wobble.

I only found these to be ok deal:
Seagate Freeagent External USB 2.0 500gb HDD for $119.99 no rebates
Sandisk 2gb thumb drive $19.99 no rebates
Since this is CDFREAKS and thus I must post media deal but very reluctant since it is memorex: 100 disc spindle Memorex $22.99–Since they have Verbatim on sale at Office Max, then I guess no1 will care about the Memorex deal, I wouldn’t care, I wouldn’t touch memorex

Memorex :Z

If OM has these newly packaged Verbs for 14.99USD for a 50 spindle tomorrow I would not buy anything else, even Yudens. These new discs ( at least this batch) are awesome. I hope the trend continues with further batches.:wink:

$15 for 50 is still kinda pricey alan1476. When they have a true sale on Verbatim, you will find them around $12.99 for 50. Only if you really need media, then get a few spindles. The 100 pack spindle for $22.99, but there is risk. Verbatim media can be the champion of quality if you pick the right spindle, and if you pick the bad one, PI errors hover around 800s. Making it one of the worse media. So it is a double edge sword

You know [B]Getto,[/B] almost every week I post CompUSA’s add you complain about how there is nothing that they sell interests you at all. Now It sounds to me like since this is [B]“CD Freaks“, [/B] if there is no quality media on sale then it’s not worth posting. It’s funny how when they had a Moonlight Madness sale a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t post it because I thought nobody here gave a shit you bought quite a few things at that sale. Can you spell [B]“Hypocrite”? [/B]
The only reason I post these adds is to take some of the load off of [B]Ripit.[/B] You should all know how to access their add a day early by now so if you want to see it you can. I won’t waist any of you precious time anymore.

Well, I post the moonlight madness sale because a couple of items, no rebates as we acustomed to the huge rebate from CompUSA. The External WD 500 gb was on sale for $119 that day, a few blue-tooth item was on sale including a blue-tooth mouse, headset. And in addition, the maxtor external 320 gb was $70 no rebates. I complaint because week by week, nothing special. The 3-day sale, ends today, I wouldn’t even bother to post it because nothing is good. And it is the true fact. I find the moonlight sale has some decent deals, other than that sale, most of the advertised items are not a good deal. The sale starting tomorrow, nothing seems interesting except the items I listed, the Hard drive, Sandisk thumb drive, and since this is CDFREAKS forum, I have to list the media on sale and it happens to be memorex.

I am not complaining about the post, but complaining about how CompUSA advertise their products and they are not even a good deal to be advertised.

I did not know that CompUSA is still alive and around.

He is not in a good mood TCAS, dont tick him off :slight_smile:

i believe compusa is no longer in so cal but is still alive elsewhere.

btw, they have a 500 gig iomega usb2 interface for 59.99 after 50 dollar instant savings

Thanks, wobble. CompUSA has the odd gem like BenQ’s and HDDs. Thanks for not forgetting they’re still around in a lot of places.

The OM on Menaul has NICE new Verbs. Already got mine, so feel free. :bigsmile:


I saw that they got the new spindles in, and they also have a lot of old spindles left as well. Just that I am not in the mood for price matching and $14.99 is still kinda high. I still have plenty of blank media left so I am in no hurry at all.

Kinda a bit surprised that there are other members in here live in New Mexico. I thought I am the only one.