CompUSA add 04/07



Here is CompUSA’s add for 04/07 in my area. Most areas don’t start until 04/08. I don’t know if adds will differ in your area. Link


The actual ad says “offers good april 8 through april 14” in the fine print at the bottom. If you’re interested in a sale item, it’s probably good to check the website and see if that actual item is discounted yet.

Thanks wobble.


CUSA in my are for all practical purposes is history (finito).


FYI, many of the B&M stores will be closed on Sunday, but they have free shipping for any web site orders that day.


Fountain Valley?


Hey rolling are you living close to fountain valley?.


No but i used to live in Garden Grove if you remember me telling you. I remember you saying you went to the Fry’s in FV. I just figured you went to the CUSA in FV :wink:


Are you missing S.Cal?.


speaking of fountain valley comp usa it’ll be closing down for good within a month or so (i think all the s. cali stores)… so if you guys spot a good deal tell us about it


Yeah i miss it. You can find anything you want there store wise :slight_smile:


Wonder if TCAS knows this? I guess he does now.


Yes, I knew that CUSA is leaving S.Cal for goods, they bought and destroyed such high class stores like good Guys and finally they destroyed themselves. It is a sad story.


i visited the tustin comp usa… the store is being whiped out. very few items left like the display computers. they’re even liquidating the furniture and old christmas ornaments. sucks to be in so cal.


What do you mean “suck to be in so cal”??? I love it when CompUSA closes down, they have ridiculous price and always with a huge rebate. Even their open box or clearance item, still at a ridiculous price. I predicted it will close down just a matter of time because they have ridiculous price and it came true.


I’m glad somebody is finding “ridiculous” prices at closing CompUSA stores. I went to the one liquidating in my area and didn’t really find any bargains at all. It looks as if they actually raised some prices before they marked them “30% off.”