CompUSA 6-hr sale 3/11/05 - Rebate Heaven

CompUSA is having a 6hr sale on Friday March 11 from 6pm-midnight. Stores close 5pm, reopen 6pm. The usual multiple rebate items.

Following offers good during the 6hr sale only:
Belkin Wireless G Router 300875 $7.99 after $20, $30, $12 MIRs
90 cd-rs 296218 $9.99 (3 30pks) no MIR
MadDog 52X24X52 cd writer 301372 $19.99 after $15 MIR
160GB drive 314482 $39.99 after $60 MIR
3.1MP digital camera w/3x optical zoom 316645 $79.99 after $50 MIR
Sony 128MB usb 2.0 micro drive 312519 $9.99 no rebates
APC surge protector 325VA 312016 $9.99 after $12 MIR
256MB Digital Memory $19.99 after rebate SD 301938 ($20 MIR), 293159 CF (15 MIR)
16X DVD+/-R Double layer External USB 315086 $79.99 after $25, $25 MIRs
17" LCD monitor 317993 $179.99 after $40 MIR
Compaq desktop w/monitor and printer $249.97 317599, Envision monitor 313081, deskjet printer 318517 after $50, $120, $80 MIRs)
Compaq Presario notebook 317670 $499.99 after $250, $30, $150 MIRs
50" MicroDisplay Projection HD-Ready TV 319016 $1499.99 after $300 MIR

These offers good 3/11 and 3/12 :
Belkin G adapters 300872 (noitebooks), 301438 (desktops), 313104 (USB) $9.99 after MIRs
I/O Magic 16X DVD+/-R double layer internal 314999 $49.99 after $20, $20 MIRs
1GB USB Lexar drive 315639 $49.99 after $15 MIR
MS office student and teacher edition $99.99 after $30 MIR
Norton Internet Security FAR 315339
Canon photo printer pixma IP4000 314209 $99.99 after $20 MIR
Canon color image scanner 8400F 315155 $99.99 after $30 MIR

BTW, the TDK 18$ 50pack is still alive in CompUSA. I picked up 2 -R spindles with the typical TY box.

I don’t recommend it, at least for now. Most of them barely passes BenQ Qscan at 8x, some even failed at 8x. I burned a few @BenQ 1620 @ 8x and 12x. PIF was low and looks good but PIE is a little bit too high, max 20~50 and avg 7~12.
(I know it’s more than acceptable in the absolute standard, but a little bit disappointing for TYG02 media.) Well… if you’re out of media and this is the only available TY deal, then it’s worth trying. At least it’s cheap. :slight_smile:

I would also avoid the $40 deal on the 160GB HD. I don’t trust 2MB Hitachi Deathstar drives.

Thanx pipemanid.I’ve been lookin to try one of these but not for $30.$10 sounds good to me. :iagree:

RadioShack is supposed to have the 1GB USB Pendrive for $39.99 AR on the 12th of this month. I have been using the Sandisk 512 MB version and it works great as a boot device for Linux and also as a repair device.

They claim that they have moved past this, but I do agree that 2 MB cache just doesn’t make it. My Maxtors have 16 MB and seem to be a little quicker than the 8 MB versions.

I want one to use as like…extra storage or somethin’.I get tired of d’loadin’ somethin’ then havin to burn it to an RW and such(I hate usin’ up HD space).With this,I figure I just drag n drop(hopefully) and no HD space wasted.The Radio Shack one sounds like a waaay better deal but I’m gonna try this small one and see how it works.Get a feel of it as it were.:slight_smile: Keep comin’ up with those great deals pipemanid.

You’ll like it. I have my Sandisk 512 MB, and two 128 MB pendrives and I don’t have to do the RW burn thing to transfer info. I do have all of my machines networked, but there are times when it’s more convenient to use the USB drive.

that’s exactly why I wanna try it.No rw burns.Most of em fail anyway so I figure $10,why not.I think it’ll be a great alternative.

As we used to say in Viet Nam, “I’d pay $10 to see monkeys f##K

you should write a book on those old sayings from the vietnam war(Fugazi,fubar etc…),I bet there’s a million of em. :slight_smile:

“16X DVD+/-R Double layer External USB 315086 $79.99 after $25, $25 MIRs”

Has anyone figured out which make and model this is?

you should write a book on those old sayings from the vietnam war(Fugazi,fubar etc…)
FUBAR is older than Vietnam. My father knew about it during WWII.


Could be BenQ or BTC. IO has a habit of reboxing drives.

SNAFU, situation normal…
I got fubar, but dont get fugazi, pls enlighten.

Fuckt Up,Gone Ahead,Zipped In

Thanks for the education. SNAFU and FUBAR just have that magic ring, fugazi is not as crisp.

I agree but I definately would not want to be Fubar. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Do they have anything for free. Technically, you can’t get anything for free without it being totally dependent on instant rebates because of the sales tax! Gratis, the people behind free ipods, now offer free LCD monitors and TVs: Gmail invites to everyone that signs up and trys a trial!

Does the word “TROLL” mean anything to you?