Compusa 21st Birthday Blowout sale! Starts Sunday

From Fatwallet and Anandtech:

motorola wireless G router $8AR 306597/306601
Motorola wireless G adapters $10AR
90 cdr’s $10 296318
25 pack dvdrw $10 316439
WD 80gig HD $30AR 295555
100 pack dvd-r/dvd+r $20 316430
512meg ddr ram $38AR 300210/314792
350-watt power supply FREE AR 315200
512meg compactflash or SD $30AR 306231/301798
FX5200 plus 128meg $30AR 305452
Progresive Scan dvd player/vcr combo $50AR 318794
4mp camera $100AR 310931
kensington wireless optical mouse and keyboard $10AR 317001/304058
20gig MP3 player $149 317096
Microsoft wireless intellimouse $10 ($5 MIR) 316297
wintv go tuner card $20 260799
kensington auto power adapter $20AR 301836
universal 90watt adapter $20AR 307557
50pack TDK dvdr $18
seagate 300gig 7200rpm $160AR 316178
dazzle 10in1 card reader $15 309955
27" HD-ready lcd tv $799AR 317988

This is the 4x +R 100pack. Doesn’t look nice. (The price isn’t updated yet. But people report that they are already having the 20$ deal.)

From Slickdeals someone reported that it has INFOME R20 media code.
It is rated at 8x and BenQ 1620 even allows 12x burn.

I haven’t heard of it. Is it worth taking a shot?

They show up as CMC MAG F01

The +R Silver topped ones in cake box MIT have been Infome R20 for me and burn well on my Benq. Typical quality scan scores of 97. Play well on my DVD player…

The +R CompUSA branded discs, made in Hong Kong, on the other hand were about as awful as one can get.

The -R White tops have been Princo - not worth the gas to buy and return them.

These last 2 should be banned as a waste of natural resources.

The 100 packs +R come in shrink wrap and not in the cake box and are as indicated above. No experience with the -R.

do they have silver or purple dye? And is there such thing as a silver dye? :smiley:


shrink wrapped or cake box?

Shrink wrap as described above.

light purple or dark purple?

TAll or short?

lol, thx. I guess i would pick one up tomorrow. :bigsmile:

hey, can someone post a scan of the quality of the written disc? Thx. And which one is the Infome R20 for sure?

They’re junk media. I use them for daily backup and then toss them. The Informe R20 were sold by Compusa about 3 or 4 months ago. They have since moved on to CMC.

so what are the chances i will not get cmc? 25%?? :bigsmile:

Pretty slim would be my guess. Compusa goes with the cheapest at the moment. Gamble if you’re feeling lucky. If not, go to Best Buy and get the Sony’s.

100 dvd is unresistable, i guess i would try my luck. I just wish i didnt waste my 40 bucks for the 50pk CMC TDK +R and 2x 25pk MAXELL -R. :sad:

My advice would be to not throw good money after bad. Another 100 crappy discs doesn’t help your situation.

do you think they would let me return them for a full refund if i open it and found out they’re CMCs?

I bought a pack of the DVD-R’s. They were shrink-wrapped, no cake box, made in HongKong. The MID is ANWELL AN-31. I burned one on my Liteon 812 and one on my PX716. Here are the scans.
The first was burned on the Liteon 812.
The second was burned on the PX716.

These were the first burns with this media on those burners; maybe with several more burns things might improve. The media is useable, but not the best. Whaddya want for 20 cents each?