CompUSA 2 Day Sale 03/16-03/17

I had this e-mailed to me. Thought someone would be interested.

Thanks Wobble, I am interested. They got some nice laptops there, but I am already trying to get this Toshiba from Staples on sale, if that doesn’t work out maybe I will look at CompUSA. Thanks.

Anyone know what the CompUSA dvd+R 16x code out as?

As usual, CUSA has come up with high prices and MIR, since them closing almost everywhere so their MIR might be completely risky.

It was on that their stores that are closing are NOT honoring rebates @ all. Store or mfr.

I have not been able to find this anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does anybody know anything about CompUSA DVDs $18 per 100 for 2 days only special as far as quality or who makes them?

Traditionally COMPUSA has been the worst choice for generic media as most of their stuff is outsourced to Chinese and HK Manufacturers. Princo and Optodisc were the latest manufacturers that I heard of producing their media.

I try it one about a year ago with worse experience.

Even their anniversary sale, it still sux big time. no wonder they are closing down. They are as worse as Tigerdirect in term rebates, I hate rebates and TD and crapUSA are the 2 places left use multiple rebates for a single item