Compromise for CD copying is in the works

I just posted the article Compromise for CD copying is in the works.

Hmm another stupid idea of the record company`s when do they wake up and lower the prices on the cds,They will never learn.

And to read the article there will be a data version on your audio…

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For another idiotic move by the RIAA, I give them a :r rating on this idea Simply put: RIAA = idiots (really)

Who are they kidding? There will always be a way around uncopyable CDs. There hasn’t been a copy protection yet that hasn’t been defeated. Not that I really care though. I actually buy all my audio CDs anyways as I collect them. My legit CD collection is well over 2000.

The problem with CD copy protection is that it will effect those who have invested in MP3 players.There will always be a way to defeat CD audio copy protection. The introduction of copy protected compact disks may lead to a decline in CD sales. The reason for mp3 is so you can actually get the songs that you want and not to be saddled with songs that you do not want. Copy protection will force people to have songs that they do not want.The recording industry is in a no win situation.

Oh of course… There will be a way of getting around the copy protection… But has anyone been able to copy a CD with the Key2Audio protection?`I bought the new Heather Nova CD which is protected by Key2Audio… My Comp. can´t identify the CD and the music industry doesn´t allow a digital copy to MiniDisc, hence I cannot record the music I bought in order to listen to it in my Car… I´m totally pissed of by there new strategy of protecting Music… May their genitalia shrivel and drop off! I hate them! It´s money thrown out of the window (much money!), if you buy a CD nowadays… :frowning:

I just downloaded Heather Nova’s “South” off of AG.So I guess it doesn’t work.

just another reason not to buy original cds

I’m sick and tired of these complots. The idea’s are getting sickier and sickier. Who cares about them. I’ll just have to make my own music.

There is a real easy solution here. Instead of crying about not being able to copy a CD just don’t buy any copy protected CD’s :wink: It won’t take the record industry long to figure out that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. :4

These record executive greedy muther fuckers are really pissing me off. When I buy a CD, I like to rip the songs I want out of them and compile a various artist CD to play in my car. I do not want to listen to all the other crap from a CD, just the songs I like. If they are going to do this shit, I’m sure I can forgo buying cds and just listen to the new hits on the radio until I get soooo sick of it. We all should stop buying their copy protected shit and make them go for broke for doing this.