Compressors other than DVDShrink

I’ve run into problems with Shrink and I’d like to explore alternatives. From my scouring of the nets, every single person recommends Shrink, which leaves me in a desperate state.

Are there any other DVD compressors other than DVDShrink?

The issue with Shrink is that DVDs I used to burn were compatible with all three major players in my home, but then I received some error :

which I’m not sure how I fixed but all I did was change the burn output to the burn drive (apparently someone changed it) but I suspect that solution wasn’t for the real problem (above).

Now when I burn DVDs, it only plays on the computer I burned it on, not my other standalone DVD players. This irritates me and I can’t understand why its happening, since all of the settings are the same (to the best of my memory). Please help.

Actually the solution I used also involved switching to DVDDecrypter for encoding, since I still get this error with shrink.

Try using FixVTS on your files before transcoding or Try DVDFab.

If you are looking for better compressor than Shrink, try DVD Rebuilder. With Rebuilder you can re author DVD(take stuff out) while retaining original menus. It is not free, but use very good compression engines.
Than burn with ImgBurn, same what Shrink is using.

Can anyone help me with the fact that the DVDs I burn now cannot play on the standalone dvd players that DVDs the player used to burn could play on all the standalone players?

If you start a new thread stating your problem and you provide a log file, I’m sure the good people here will find a solution.

I made another, with these same pics but a mod erased it.
I don’t know how to find the log file.

dvd shrink is still one of the best there is. there is dvd rebuilder which uses a different method of compression and produces better results. but i dont think your problem is compression, probably copy protection or scratched dvd.

first rip the dvd to hard drive with dvdfab [free version or 30 day trial]

then open the video_ts folder with dvd shrink and process as usual

I second Troy’s recommendation. I would rip with DVDFab Free and then try to use DVDShrink.

I know for a fact the DVD isn’t scratched and since I used DVD decrypter, there is no copy protection issues.
I will do tests using DVDFab though. I will keep you updated.