how much video can the new dvd2one compress?

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. I assume you don’t mean ‘how much can it compress before it wears out’:wink: , so you probably mean how much compression can it apply.

Well, enough for all commonly available DVDs. Although of course the more material you have to start with, the worse the results are. This is true of every transcoder: and there comes a point when so much material has had to be discarded during compression that it becomes noticeable while you’re viewing - the so called blocking and pixellation artefacts.

The latest version of DVD2One has the handy ability of adding unrelated tracks end-to-end, so that you can in theory shoehorn more than a commercial DVD’s worth of stuff onto the disc. Just when the level of unacceptability is reached depends on many things, not least your own sensitivity.

It’s a pretty good transcoder though, and has two compression algorithms to play with. I should think it would make as good a fist of it as any of the others.


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how much video can the new dvd2one compress?

How much u got ? :bigsmile: