Hallo When a back-up is compressed,can it be {un}compressed to it’s original format?Also,I’ve noticed that when using the zoom on the player to enlarge the picture on a letterboxed film the picture tends to blur.Is this the result of compressing the movie?I’ve been using sl disc’s until recently…I discovered that inorder to use dvd9 you need a dl writer which I now have…in the not to distant past I thought a writer was a writer:doh:,so I will be using dl disc’s from now on…Thanx Jim:bow:


No it can not be un-compressed once it has been compressed

Depending on how much zoom you are doing to how much blur you get, and how much compression you did the movie.

On the dl disc you should use only verbatim for good reliable backups.

Welcome to the world of dl :iagree: :slight_smile: