guys i need help – i want to burn some radio talk shows —
my cd’s say 700mb my files say total of 650mb but i can’t seem to
be able to put them all on this 1 disc — soooooooo how do i
compress these audio files to fit on this 1 disc???
i don’t want 10 disc’s just 1 please help

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If I understood correctly you have about 650MB of mp3 files and you are trying to create an audio CD. The audio CD creation means that the mp3 file (an already compressed audio stream) must be uncompressed and converted in the format that the CD player can read easily.

This is why a 700MB CD is not sufficient to contain all files.

There are two alternatives: create more than a single Audio CD, or avoid at all to convert the files leaving them ad mp3.

To burn the mp3 files on the CD you only need to create a Data CD, and not an audio CD :slight_smile:

Some programs (Roxio 5 for example) will allow you to make an “MP3 Music CD”, which basically means that it has “auto run” and will play on a computer with Windoze Media Player, but other than that it’s the same thing as a “data CD”

I think you are right he is likely choosing the wrong option in his burner prgram and it’s trying to uncompress it to WAV before burning it as WAV/CDDA on the disc…

I had a friend arguing with me that I couldn’t burn uncompressed WAV’s to a DVD-R.

You can… easily… as DATA, but they won’t PLAY that way in any player I’ve ever heard of…