Why is it that video files of mine show up as being under a gig and then when put in a program like Ulead moviefactory they show up as being too large. These are .avi’s. Also I have a software package for compressing video, but each program is specific, like .avi to divx or so on. And, since I’m not sure what some of these extensions mean, I’m at a loss as to what program to use. For example… if a file says… “xvid-mp3” but the divx symbol shows up then what do I compress it as? I am an indie film maker and have spent years putting old films, and various shorts of little importance to anyone but me into a ridiculous amount of video formats and now I’d simply like to put them on dvd and basically never deal with them again. Is there a suggested program out there that I can use to just turn any video file into a workable and dvd-ready file w/o the hassle of trying to figure out formats?

If you put an .avi file in Ulead moviefactory /or any other software that will create DVD-Video disc from your files/ they will suddenly grow in size since it will show you how big they will be after it made them DVD compailant /a.k.a any DVD player will be able to play them/.

DVD-video files are always bigger then an .avi /like 4 episodes of a tv serie in .avi would not fill a CD but 4 episodes of a tv serie will fill up a DVD if it’s DVD-Video format./

I recomend you use some of those software that can create DVD-Video format /.vobs/ and if needed then use DVDShrink to make sure you can put it on 1 disc /if you use DVDShrink that means you make the ready files smaller and with that the picture quality can get worse though you might not see it on ordinary tv/.

You can use Uleads MovieFactory or Ulead DVD Workshop 2 /these are only 2 examples/ if you need menues /you don’t have to make menues with them but you may/ for the DVD or just simply convert your files /avi, divx, xvid, mpeg1, mpeg2 etc./ to DVD format /.vob/ with WinAvi Video Converter /converts to DVD format but cannot make menues/. Once you have your files you can make them smaller /if needed/ with DVD Srink then burn them on a DVD disc.

Note:Converting your files from their format into DVD format might take some time /1 hour-8 hours, depends on lenght of file, quality, or if you have to convert more than 1 for 1 disc then on number of files, also the CPU speed you have may make the process slower/quicker/. Also WinAvi can not convert .mkv or ogm files.