I need to archive my mp3 collection, what is the best program to compress it up with? I was thinking of going with UHARC or 7-zip but I don’t want it to take up too many cd’s. Thanks for any help.

MP3s are already compressed, so just put 'em in a folder and zip 'em.

Even in mass quantities?

sure, you really want get that much compression even with large numbers of MP3s. all it WILL do is take a LONG time. you are better just burning 'em to cd/dvd for storing

Should I use WinRAR to split them up into cd sized bites?

hell no. don’t use winrar on video or audio files. such files need to be split at frame junctions [ so to speak ] else they screw up.

Better to assemble them into nicely organized volumes, even if you use a few more disks.

If you used an archiving program that included error correction blocks, you may be able to retrive from a small amount of serious errors, providing the majority of the disc remains readable - you could also cover each collection with some PAR files from a utility such as Quickpar

PAR files are not a magic bullet, but by clever trickery, they can recover 1:1 any destroyed data from the file set they cover, just so long as enough good data and enough good PAR files remain.

If using PAR files on CD, you may also need “Roadkil’s unstoppable copier” to read as much good data back as possible from a failing CD. - NB. it does not correct it, that’s where the use of PAR data comes in.

why bother? ziped mp3s are barely smaller than the original one, i normaly get about 5% compression, vrey poor, i would just burn the files as they are.

ben :slight_smile:

winRAR wont break the audio/vid files as it splits the .rar file after it’s made so it’s already in winRAR’s code… but i’m with the others there no point trying to compress them any more…
Some compression program have a “Store” setting(winRAR does), theres no compression it just puts everything into one file for you

Ok I guess I won’t bother compressing. I just wanted to squeeze it onto one dvd instead of 2 or 3. By the way, the last dvd I made was of home movie files. On the burned disc a lot of the files came out as ‘0 kbytes’ and I can’t play or preview any of them. What causes that?