Compression with Video studeo pro x2

does anyone know how I can compress this programmes file. I have a sports programme from the TV which fits on a normal DVD I used ConvertX to enable me to open it in VSPx2 but after I’ve edited the adverts & gone & done the compress stage to Mpeg( Ithink that’s the format) it says it’s 6.5GBs & I want to be able to check the quality before final burn which I can’t do unless I go to the expense of a Dual Layer disc.
Hope someone cane help
Cheers flake

Could you clear up a couple of things? How did you capture the video from your TV? What format was the caputed video, mpg, vob, avi, etc? I don’t use ConvertX, but doesn’t it convert video (avi, etc.) to standard DVD format which are VOB files? Why can’t you check the quality before burning to DVD, isn’t there some sort of preview option? What is the file extension of the output from VSPx2?

Yes, what format are they in?..If mpeg2, you can use other tools/apps to edit, that will not re-encode…Try Cuttermaran, Avidemux, MPg2Cut2, etc…