Compression ratio changes

Once every four or five times I perform a backup in Recode2, it will show one compression ratio before the encoding, then a greater value after it asks for the blank media. This compression ratio causes the data size to exceed the capacity for DVD5, in which it has been set to fit. I have checked the “Fit to target” check box and selected “DVD5,” but it will still sometimes go over.

Sometimes I’ll have to redo it several times before it’ll take, and setting “Lock ratio” does not guarantee it to work. This is getting on my nerves and requires much more time to backup a DVD by having to redo it sometimes three or four times!

FWIW, I always set “Advanced Analysis” and “High Quality Mode.”

I had Recode do the same thing to me just now. Nero says the data is 4490MB, Windows says it is 4380MB. Nero refuses to burn the files. Typical Recode behaviour IMHO, just one more reason to use the slower but more relaible DVDShrink.

I talked to someone who said DVDShrink produces the same behavior at times, and I understand the author of both apps is the same guy. Nero reportedly hired him to help create Recode2.

It’s usually best to stick to personal experience. I’ve done hundreds of movies on Shrink and never seen this. I suspect that the problem is in the navigation structure, but I’ve not looked closely enough at the files to be sure.

I have had the same or at least similar problem. Have set fit to target to 4,400 MB.

I like to use dvd decrypter to burn an iso so I use Shrink to make an ISO using the out put from Nero Recode. I figure that after a couple of years recode must be doing a more efficient shrinking job than the last version of shrink. Even at 65% I find the recode/ shrink ISO/ Dvd decrypter burned output acceptable.

I’m having this issue with all movies now, it always creates files that are too large to burn with Nero, about 4490MB according to Nero.

why not just enable overburning in NERO?

Recode is just messed up. It shows the larger size on the “main movie”, but smaller size on the target. Seems to occur 100% when doing main movie only mode. Setting the target to 4430 seems to hit it pretty close (4464).

This confusion often arises as some people state a GB as 1,000,0000,000 bytes whereas strictly a GB is 1073741824 bytes (Windows uses the strict definition).

What makes life more confusing is that I don’t think Nero is consistent in which definition it uses i.e, it quotes in wrongly defined GB, but compares against file space in correctly defined GB, and hence sometimes says file’won’t fit when in fact it will.

This is also whys disk normally quoted as 4.7 GB only actually holds 4.377 GB (by proper definition). This make the disk have a bigger sounding capacity than they actually do.

Thus if windows says file is greater than 4.377 GB, it won’t fit!.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to simply set the Nero maximum file size to 4.7/1.08 = 4.35 GB (allowing a little margin).

I actually set the maximum to 4250 MB to allow for the fact that the outer edges of disks are a bit dodgy in many cases, and I never get the problems quoted.

Whatever the problem is, only Recode has it. Shrink does not. Windows reports the files are the exact same size from both Recode and Shrink, but Nero does not.