Compression question over Clone/Shrink?



:confused: I wanted to do a test over two differnt softwares before I decided to but Clone dvd. I tested the compression rate of “House of Flying Daggers” first with Shrink (DTS chinese and English subs, nothing else) then on Clone DVD. My results said Shrink was 71.7% of the original and Clone was 52% of the original. Does that really mean my result would be better using Shrink :confused: Looks like it to me! should I really be forking out money on Clone DVD :confused:


@ rapallo,

You are comparing two software programs that compress/transcode the DVD video in two entirely different manners. The fact that the same size DVD files were compress/transcode at different percentages but ended up the same size when finished proves that fact. Your comparison percentage numbers that you referance is like comparing apples to oranges.

You be the judge and tell us which one looks better. You have the two different backup copies that you made with DVD Shrink and CloneDVD. Pop them in your DVD player, you view them, and then you tell us which one looks better.

Suggest you view a recent CloneDVD Forum posting that asks the same question you now are asking (CloneDVD compression quality vs. Shrink/Recode?)

Maybe this fact doesn’t mean anything to you but DVD Shrink is a “Dead” software program that isn’t supported anymore and hasn’t been updated in a year whereas CloneDVD is fully supported and routinely updated and improved.

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Thanks bjkg for all that!
I read the postings you quoted,
Looks like I better buy Clone/Any DVD and be happy!
Us newbies need all the help you guys can offer!
Thanks for this forum and all the things Im learning, as without it, I would know nothing!
For us learners all you older members are GOLD! :clap:


Are you sure that you are comparing the percentages correctly? I just checked LOTR with movie only and only the English Dolby AC-3/6 audio. CloneDVD’s third screen (Audio and Subtitle Settings) showed 54% and Shrink showed 53.6%. The 2nd CloneDVD screen percentage was 45% (don’t know exactly what it means). I have never seen that much difference in the percentage when same selections are made as you did. One major difference is speed, CloneDVD will transcode LOTR in ~45 min whereas Shrink will take longer (much longer with deep analysis/enhancements enabled).

If you really want to compare the two programs run a test and ‘burn’ a large movie (such as LOTR), then compare the resulting pictures on your TV setup. No one else can judge what you see and like better than you.